What Is Centrifuge Force?

Centrifugal force is a virtual force, an inertial force, which moves a rotating object away from its center of rotation. Centrifugal force is produced under two conditions, it is produced by the intertwining of the inertial force of motion of the object and the central binding force, and the matter which is free from the […]

Value of Industrial Wireless Remote Control

Industrial wireless remote control is a remote wireless remote control device specially used to control engineering machinery or industrial equipment. Mainly used in industries such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, papermaking, construction, fire protection, and engineering machinery, where lifting machinery is used and remotely operated. Its effective control range is […]

How to choose the most suitable Centrifuge?

When selecting a centrifuge, how can we ensure that we choose the most suitable model? 01 – Centrifuge: Rotational Speed Desktop centrifuges are categorized based on their maximum rotational speed (the speed when unloaded) into low-speed centrifuges (<8000 rpm/min), medium-speed centrifuges (8000-15000 rpm/min), high-speed centrifuges (15000-30000 rpm/min), and ultrahigh-speed centrifuges (>30000 rpm/min). Each centrifuge has […]

What Functions Do Welding Remote Controls Offer?

In welding, it’s not the welding itself that’s the hardest. When you are welding under the wing structure of an airplane, or hanging from rafters two stories above a shop floor, there is no place like the engine compartment of a car to do it. A common aspect of welding is uncomfortable, awkward, or inaccessible […]

The Application and Convenience of Industrial Wireless Remote Control in Agriculture and Forestry

With the continuous development of technology, wireless remote controls have been widely used in various fields. Especially in the fields of agriculture and forestry, the use of industrial wireless remote controls has brought many conveniences to agricultural production and forestry management. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the application and convenience of industrial […]

How To Choose The Right Clamp?

Even if you are the most experienced fitter, there is nothing wrong with constantly summarizing and reviewing previous experiences so that you can be sure you are using the right product. In this guide, we provide information on technical issues related to clamps to help you diagnose and repair any problems that may exist. Pipe […]

Common Metal Clamp Types for Automotive Industry

Metal clamps are often seen and used in production, and the types of applications and industries are also very wide, so what are the main applications of metal clamps in the automotive industry? Let’s take a look at it Metal clamps in the automotive industry are mainly involved in the following three places: 1, the […]

The advantages of industrial remote controls

Industrial wireless remote control originated in Europe and is currently an advanced and promising operating device for lifting equipment. After decades of technological development and improvement, it has become a very mature and reliable product, widely used in developed countries and regions. Currently, more and more enterprises are adopting and using industrial wireless remote control […]

What is Expansion Joint?

Expansion joint is a flexible structure installed on the container shell or pipeline to compensate for additional stress caused by temperature difference and mechanical vibration. Due to its advantages such as reliable operation, good performance, and compact structure, it has been widely used in sectors such as chemical, metallurgical, and nuclear energy as an elastic […]

What Is A Valve

The valve is a pipeline accessory used to open and close the pipeline, control the flow direction, and adjust and control the parameters (temperature, pressure and flow) of the conveying medium. According to its function, it can be divided into shut-off valve, check valve, regulating valve, etc. The valve is a control component in the […]