Industrial wireless remote control is a remote wireless remote control device specially used to control engineering machinery or industrial equipment.

Mainly used in industries such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, papermaking, construction, fire protection, and engineering machinery, where lifting machinery is used and remotely operated.

Its effective control range is any direction with a radius of 100 meters and is not affected by obstacles.

Operators only need to carry a lightweight transmitter, freely move around, and choose the best (safe) visual position to carry out operations, eliminating potential accidents caused by unclear vision, wire control constraints, harsh environment, or improper command cooperation in the past.

This not only ensures safe operation but also significantly improves production efficiency.

The Value of Industrial Wireless Remote Control:

1. Saving human resources: Taking bridge cranes as an example: operation, mooring, and hanging and unloading can be undertaken by one person alone, without the need for command;

2. Improved work efficiency: Operators make independent judgments, significantly improving the accuracy and coherence of operations compared to before; Due to the unnecessary constraints of the upper and lower cabs and operating lines, it avoids the low work efficiency caused by physical discomfort in high temperature conditions, thereby improving the operator’s morale and work efficiency;

3. Improved operating environment, allowing operators to choose the best angle and avoid operating positions with poor visibility and severe pollution; Prevent operators from being harmed by harmful gases;

4. Improved safety and reliability by eliminating command links, thus avoiding misunderstandings caused by improper command; The operator can operate from the perspective of command to have a more intuitive view of the on-site situation of the lifted object. In addition, it can avoid unsafe driving conditions for tower crane operators in harsh weather, as well as unnecessary accidents caused by incorrect communication between the operator and the commander during high-altitude operations.

5. Reducing manufacturing and maintenance costs, remote control systems have become a reality and a standard production process to replace the driver’s cab.

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