High Performance Butterfly Valve

※ Size Range: 1.5” -72.0” (40mm-1800mm) and so on
※ Temperature ranges: -4F-400F (-20C – 204C) and so on
※ Design STD.: 87 psig、150 psig、230 psig、250 psig
※ Material range: ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, various alloys, etc.
※ Drive method:Manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic

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The high-performance butterfly valve has excellent sealing properties and a tight shut-off.

The disk is an off-centre portion of a ball, and the seating function of this valve is identical to that of a ball valve.

The disk and seats of the valve are offset from the shaft axis and it is not necessary to seal the shaft in this valve.

Many valves have a main seat made of durable plastic and a secondary metal seal making them “fire-safe.”

High-performance butterfly valves are produced in pressure groups as high as ANSI 900 and could be used in applications involving a tight shut-off.


High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valve


High Performance Butterfly Valve


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