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Four-wheel drive gantry crane wireless remote control, the complete set includes 1 transmitter + 1 receiver,

the remote control distance is provided according to 100 meters, the receiver end is designed for RS485 output,

and the 485 interface of the controlled end PLC is communicated with the Moudbus protocol,except Emergency stop corresponds to the 1 normally open relay output on the receiver side,

other button control commands and feedback information are all interacted bidirectionally through the data interface.


Four Wheel Drive Gantry Wireless Crane Controller


1. The Joystick is more convenient and sensitive. 5-node paragraph joystick, optional 5-speed, easy to operate.

2. Stable control signals will ensure no interference during use. The unique signal is encrypted and coded, and there is no interference when using multiple sets of remote controllers in an environment.

3. The transmitter is sealed with silicone rubber ring, which is good waterproof.

4. Heartbeat packet detection:Once the transmitter is damaged or the signal is lost, the receiver will stop automatically.

5. Stainless steel panel and buttons, more resistant to be broken and smudge.

6. Each set remote control has unique ID identification code, even if the same frequency also does not interfere with each other.

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