T-Bolt V Band Clamp With Flange

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Exhaust Downpipe V-band Clamp Male/Female Flange Kit SS304 Steel.

Auto Stainless Steel V band Kits consist of high-quality components required to create a leak-proof, gasketless exhaust system with minimal hardware.

These kits can be used for manifolds, downpipes, or any other section of your exhaust system.


T-Bolt V Band Clamp With Flange


T-Bolt V Band Clamp With Flange

The flanges and clamps are made of 304 Stainless Steel.

The male/female flanges are machined for a precise fit to ensure an easily installed, leak free, free-flowing exhaust.

The inner portion of the flange where the exhaust pipe slides into is also machined for perfect pipe fitment requiring minimal prep work prior to welding.


T-Bolt V Band Clamp With Flange


T-Bolt V Band Clamp With Flange


304 Stainless Steel Flanges
Our Stainless Steel V-Band flanges feature a male and female side to automatically align the flanges onto each other to eliminate improper installation.

The back side of our V-Band flanges feature a recessed lip to help center your stainless steel tubing to the flange.

This recess matches the ID of your 16 gauge tubing to allow unrestricted air flow.

Our Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp Kits with Stainless Steel Flanges includes:
– (1) Stainless Steel Quick Release V-Band Clamp
– (1) Male/Female Stainless Steel V-Band Flange Set
– (1) Non-locking Nut
– (1) Self-locking Nut

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