Oil test Centrifuge, Low Speed Centrifuge, TFTD-5Y, heated centrifuge for oil testing

—TFTD-5Y, Oil test Centrifuge, heated centrifuge for oil testing
—Max. Speed 4000rpm, Max. RCF 3756×g,

—Max. Capacity 400ml, Temperature 10 – 80 ℃

—Good Quality Guaranteed, One Year Warranty

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TFTD-5Y, crude Oil moisture determining centrifuge



1. Microcomputer-controlled with a touch panel and digital display, running parameters can be automatically saved, and it supports direct RCF startup for ease of operation.

2. Driven by a high-torque brushless variable frequency motor, equipped with super-high-speed bearings imported from Europe, ensuring smooth operation and maintenance-free performance.

3. Featuring a multi-layer vibration damping structure, which minimizes vibration and noise, contributing to an environmentally friendly design.

4. Constructed with a steel body and a stainless steel centrifuge chamber. Critical components are imported, making it corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.




5. Equipped with safety features including overspeed protection, lid interlock, and imbalance detection, along with a function to calculate the lifespan of both the main unit and rotors, ensuring safe operation.

6. Proprietary high-power heating design enables rapid temperature increase; unique SCT technology allows for quick acceleration and deceleration, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

7. Offers 0-9 adjustable acceleration and deceleration rates or direct input of speed-up and slow-down times. It can store up to 40 custom working modes, enabling optimization of centrifugation processes.

8. Manufactured in accordance with GB/T 6533-86 standards, it is the ideal equipment for petroleum exploration and research institutions conducting moisture determination.

Model TFTD-5Y
Max. Speed 4000rpm
Max. RCF 3756×g
Max. Capacity 400ml
Time Range 0~99min
Noise (dB) ≤ 65 dB
Temperature 10 – 80 ℃
Voltage(V/Hz) AC 220V 50HZ 20A
Size (W x D x Hmm) 520×550×400mm
Net Weight(Kg) 85KG
Certificates GB/6533-86, China


Rotor Max speed (rpm) Max Volume(ml) Max RCF (g)
TFTD-5Y 4000 400 ml 3756×g
Horizontal rotor 1 4000 4*100 ml 3756×g
Horizontal rotor 2 4000 36*10 ml 3756×g

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