O Type Clamp, Stainless Steel Exhaust Band Seal Clamps

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● Seal exhaust band clamps is a simple, effective way to connect exhaust system components such as pipes, mufflers and catalytic converters. Unique seal and high clamp loads are provided without distorting your exhaust components, allowing the flexibility to disassemble for service.

● Distributes the clamping force evenly over the entire 360° to prevent leaks and control material distortion. Easy and less time consuming to install or remove with one bolt. Features T-304 band stainless steel and aluminized steel hardware.

● Joins 2.0″ OD pipe to 2.0″ ID pipe, besides, we offer you more different sizes and you would better measure before pruchase. These clamps feature unitized construction which minimized part number complexity and maximizes material efficiency for reduced weight.

● The band clamp is a wide strap of metal, typically stainless, which wraps around the exhaust pipe joint. Our product is a pre-formed ring, also, it is now more commonly used in higher-end aftermarket exhaust systems using slip-fit, because they are relatively cheap, and are reusable without damaging the pipes.


O Type Clamp


O Type Clamp


O Type Clamp


O Type Clamp

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