Insulation Pipe Support


Insulation pipe support

A pipe support or pipe hanger is a design element that transfers loads from the pipe to the supporting structure.

The load includes the weight of the pipe itself, the contents carried by the pipe, all fittings attached to the pipe, and the pipe covering (e.g., insulation).

The overall design configuration of the pipe support assembly depends on the load and operating conditions.

If you are looking for a solution for efficient pipe insulation, elbow insulation or tank insulation, we are the right company for you!

The Insulation pipe support we make consists of two types.

Some of the most important components of our product range come from the fields of fastening technology and technical insulation.

For example, the TS Insulation Ring is a pipe support fitting made of closed-cell, high-density polyurethane foam with foam galvanized steel hoops for thermally decoupled pipe support.

We manufacture pipe supports made of PUR / PIR exactly as you wish, so they are suitable for almost any application.

In addition, we offer a wide range of custom fittings for the insulation of pipes and elbows. We offer insulation caps.

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