Industrial radio remote control Six-way dual speed switch

6-way dual speed industrial remote control with button text identification: UP, DOWN, EAST, West, SOUTH, NORTH, START, STOP, power indicator light , signal indicator light .

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Main function: Control the equipment to run up, down, east, west, north, and south in a conventional jog mode, with up and down interlocking, east-west interlocking, and north-south interlocking. Each action can achieve fast and slow control, with conventional pressing to execute slow, and quick double clicking to change to dual speed. Six dual speed buttons, each corresponding to two normally open relay outputs at the receiver end. The upper and lower 2-speed relays can be designed as shared, the east-west 2-speed relays can be designed as shared, and the north-south 2-speed relays can be designed as shared.

Product highlight: Good anti-interference performance, with unique identification codes between each remote control transmitter and receiver, reaching hundreds of millions of sets, never repeating, and strictly avoiding mutual interference and potential interference. And the remote control has up to 50-256 frequency points, and each set can be configured with separate frequency points in the same environment, even if frequency points overlap, considering ID recognition

The uniqueness of the code will not have any impact on each other, ensuring safety and reliability.

Usage: crane, overhead crane, crane, electric hoist, gantry crane, cantilever crane, portal crane, port crane, wharf crane, ship crane, bridge erecting machine, beam lifter, etc. within the 4-point switching value, as well as elevators, hoists, lifting platforms, winch, motors, plate shears, sand screeners, concrete pumps, electric flat cars, industrial furnace doors, winch winches, etc.

Technical parameters: remote control distance of 100 meters, 250 meters, working temperature of -35 ° -+75 °, transmitter power supply of 3 No. 5 dry batteries of 4.5V, receiver terminal conventional working voltage of 12-24V AC/DC, other voltages of AC220V or AC380V, etc., can be adapted through external transformer voltage conversion.

Model and configuration instructions: This machine model comes standard with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver. The transmitter antenna is built-in, and the receiver is equipped with an external extended suction cup antenna (1 meter long feeder), which is attached to the outside of the distribution box and installed inside the receiver.

Six-way dual speed switch industrial remote control 1.webp


Six-way dual speed switch industrial remote control 1.webp

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