Overhead Crane Remote Control, Port Machinery, Model KK-8S

It is applicable to all kinds of shore container cranes, rail unloaders, tire yard container cranes, portal cranes, port mobile cranes, container cranes, port winches, and port tractors.

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Safety Standards and Levels for Remote Control Execution

  1. JB/T 8437-2015
  2. EN ISO 13849 Class D
  3. Radio transmission equipment model approval (National Radio Commission)
  4. External dimensions: Emitter: 173mm * 53mm * 42mm
  5. Receiver: 190mm * 84mm * 62mm


Remote-Control Port Machinery, Model 8S


  • The dedicated PCB board for the remote control is made of the internationally renowned brand Jiantao’s FR-4 board, which has been processed and formed through 15 processes. It is copper-resistant, high-temperature resistant, flame retardant, and has a high overload current.
  • The remote control specialized transformer adopts the famous domestic industrial transformer brand – Nanjing Ampere, with 20 years of industry product development experience, stable performance, reliable quality, and strong long-term consistency; At present, a dual voltage transformer has been developed, with dual voltage switching modes of 36V-380V and 36V-220V. The wiring is convenient, safe, and reliable, reducing the inventory backlog of finished products.
  • The remote control relay adopts the American brand TE, which is a leader in the relay field, with over 14000 global technology patents and decades of experience in relay development and production, ensuring excellent product quality.
  • The crystal oscillator remote control adopts a U-shaped anti-interference crystal oscillator with military quality, clear printing, high accuracy, stable frequency, and ROHS material to ensure environmental protection.
  • The main chip of the remote control adopts Texas Instruments (TI) and South Korean ABOV brands, providing customers with high energy efficiency, ultra-stable, and ultra-safe semiconductor solutions, and product services. It adopts a low-power design method and can be used normally for up to one month.
  • The magnetic switch of the remote control adopts the internationally renowned brand American Lite. As the second largest international company in the field of magnetic switches in the world, Lite produces magnetic reed tubes with ultra-long lifespans and strong stability.
  • The remote control button adopts the world-renowned Alpine brand, with a unique structure, optimized materials, advanced technology, comfortable touch, and long service life. The embedded parts, base parts, spring parts, button parts, and cover parts of the button all use the best materials and processing technology to ensure the overall quality of the button, ensuring a service life of 12 million times, sensitive contacts, and quick response.
  • The remote control transistor adopts the Japanese brands of Reza and Rom. As a leading manufacturer of microcontrollers and analog power devices worldwide, Reza and Rom have taken the forefront in product solutions and system solutions.
  • The remote control resistor and capacitor adopt the brands of Housheng and Fenghua. Fenghua High Tech was established in 1984 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in high-end new electronic components. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996 and has grown into a national strategic emerging backbone enterprise. Fenghua High Tech’s resistors and capacitors are ultra-stable and durable.
  • Other connecting components of the remote control are made by well-known brands in the industry, with good materials, excellent craftsmanship, and high-temperature resistance.
  • The whole set of circuit boards dedicated to remote control, starting from the board to each electronic component on the board, has been carefully selected, and the best brand in each component field has been selected. From the technical details confirmation of each material, incoming material inspection, computer inspection, through the fine processing and detection process of the automatic loader, SPI, high-speed SMT, multi-functional SMT, AOI, reflow soldering, wave soldering, and other equipment, the finished PCBA has been programmed, recorded After SN code preparation, channel selection, high and low-temperature testing, salt spray testing, functional testing, distance testing, anti-interference testing, labeling, and packaging. Exquisite production, exquisite craftsmanship, craftsmanship, and quality, economical and efficient, simple and easy to use, stable signal, safe and reliable.


Remote-Control Port Machinery, Model 8S

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