Industrial Crane Remote Control, Single Speed, 500m Long Distance

100m/ 500m distance wireless 6 function RTG remote control system single speed with high performance.

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Product Features

1. Industrial reinforced nylon plastics shell is more resistant to be broken and smudge.
2. Each set remote control has unique ID identification code, even if the same frequency also does not interfere with each other.
3. Security key switch to prevent unauthorized use.
4. Up/Down, East/West, South/North can be set to suppress each other

Industrial Crane Remote Control


Industrial Crane Remote Control



Size 15.8*7*3.9cm
Transmitter Weight 300g
Transmitting fraquency 315(MHZ)
Controlling distance ≥100m/can be customized 250m/500m
Direction of movement Up, down, East, South, West, North
Button life ≥ 1 million times
Material Industrial reinforced nylon plastics
Transmitter power supply DC 3V (2 pcs alkaline batteries)
Receiver power supply DC12V/24V or AC 36V/220V/380V (AC by external transformer)
Temperature range -25℃~+75℃
Button Text Arrow / English / Chinese
Enclosure protection class IP65
Application Gantry crane,JCB,Hoist,Port crane,Cantilever crane,Ship crane,Bridge erecting machine,Beam lifter,Lifting platform,Windlass,Shearing machine,Sand Screening Machine,Industrial furnace door,Winch etc.
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