Constant Spring Hanger

Constant Spring Supports (Constant Supports) provide a constant supporting force through the total travel of the support.

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The simplified construction, together with the compression spring working in conjunction with a bell crank lever, achieves a mathematically perfect counter-balancing of spring and load moments about the main pivot point.

Constant Load Spring Supports are typically used when large vertical movements are present in critical piping to avoid the transfer of residual stresses to other process piping systems.

The spring housing itself prevents the ingress of foreign bodies such as construction debris, thus reducing the danger of damage or restriction of the unit’s function.


Constant Spring Supports


Constant Spring Supports


We can manufacture Special Constant Supports designed to suit customer’s specific requirements, i.e. higher loads, travels and configurations other than those indicated in the standard range.

Constant Supports are constructed to accommodate loads between 12 kg and 45700 kg with a standard range of travels from 40mm to 410mm in 10mm increments.

Constant Supports are manufactured having a deviation of ±5 per cent of the specified load. Upper and lower travel stops are incorporated in all units to prevent excessive over travel. All supports are fitted with a clearly visible travel scale.



Constant Spring Supports



Constant Spring Supports



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