Concrete Cutting Machine Remote Control

433MHz industrial radio remote control, 36V industrial radio remote control, 36V long distance remote control,

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Good anti-interference performance, with unique identification codes between each remote control transmitter and receiver, reaching hundreds of millions of sets, never repeating, and strictly avoiding mutual interference and potential interference.

And the remote control has up to 50-256 frequency points, and each set in the same environment can be configured with separate frequency points.

Even if the frequency points overlap, given the uniqueness of the ID identification code, there will be no impact on each other, ensuring safety and reliability.

Concrete Cutting Machine Remote Control


Technical parameters:

remote control distance of 100 meters, 250 meters, working temperature of -35 ° -+75 °,

transmitter power supply of 3 No. 5 dry batteries of 4.5V, receiver terminal conventional working voltage of 12-24V AC/DC,

other voltages of AC220V or AC380V, etc., can be adapted through external transformer voltage conversion.

Concrete Cutting Machine Remote Control

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