8 Button Push witch Remote Control, 500m Remote Control AC220V

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Strong long-distance signal 8 double-speed buttons industrial wireless remote control 433mhz

AC220V 8 Button Remote Control

One “lock/unlock” button, start+emergency stop knob, emergency start is to start the power switch of the transmitter itself, and at the same time, the output control loop of the receiver is connected.

At this time, the controlled end device is powered on and the emergency stop is photographed , Then all outputs can be cut off instantly.

The start button on the transmitter side is turned off, the transmitter side power is turned off, and after 5 seconds, the receiver side can also emergency stop by itself to ensure safety!

AC220V 8 Button Remote Control












AC220V 8 Button Remote Control













Transmitter Function 8 double-speed buttons
Size 21×8.5×5.0cm
Transmitter Weight 380g
Transmitting fraquency 433MHz
Frequency channel 50~256
Controlling distance ≥100m/can be customized 250m/500m
Direction of movement Up, down, East, South, West, North
Transmitter Antenna inside
Receiver Antenna Inside / optional external antenna
Button life ≥ 1 million times
Panel material stainless steel
Button material stainless steel
Shell material 90% industrial reinforced nylon plastic + 10% industrial chemical fiber
Transmitter power supply DC4.5 (3 pcs alkaline batteries)
Receiver power supply DC12V/24V or AC 36V/220V/380V (AC by external transformer)
Temperature range -25℃~+75℃
Button Text Arrow / English / Chinese
Enclosure protection class IP65
Application Gantry crane,JCB,Hoist,Port crane,Cantilever crane,Ship crane,Bridge erecting machine,Beam lifter,Lifting platform,Windlass,Shearing machine,Sand Screening Machine,Industrial furnace door,Winch etc.


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