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1) It has an effect on the stress distribution state, maximum stress value, end force and moment of the pipeline system, because the load at the end of the pipeline system will be transmitted to the equipment connected to the end of the pipeline. Therefore, the reasonable setting of the support and hanger can improve the stress distribution, end stress and bending moment of the piping system. Therefore, the flexibility of the medical film piping system is not only affected by the shape of the piping system, but also by the location and type of the selected support and hanger.

(2) The setting of the support and hanger is very flexible and varies greatly. The location, quantity and form of the finished supports and hangers often vary from person to person. For the same piping system, there are various settings of supports and hangers, and different settings will reflect different stress distribution, stress value and end point stress. Therefore, in the pipeline design, in order to make the pipeline system have sufficient flexibility, in addition to paying attention to the direction and shape of the pipeline system, the position and type of the bracket are also very important.

(3) Spacing: The spacing of the support and hanger, especially the load-bearing support and hanger of the horizontal pipeline, should not exceed the allowable span of the pipeline, and the deflection of the finished support and hanger should not exceed the limit. In general, the allowable span of the continuously laid pipeline should be calculated according to the stiffness conditions of the three-span continuous beam under uniform load, and checked according to the strength conditions, taking the smaller value of the span determined by the stiffness conditions and the span determined by the strength conditions